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March 9 Meeting Features CLCMA Update on Trump Muslim Ban

March 9 Meeting Features CLCMA Update on Trump Muslim Ban

The WOW Dems Mar. 9 meeting features an update from the Constitutional Law Center for Muslims in America (CLCMA). Ms. Catherine McDonald, Managing Attorney and Immigration Attorney Ms. Sehla Ashai will present “Where Are We Now? The Trump Administration and Immigration.”

Ms. McDonald and Ms. Ashai will discuss what is happening now and how CLCMA is protecting the rights and freedoms guaranteed in the Constitution.

Ms. McDonald obtained her undergraduate degree in International Studies from the University of Washington. She graduated from Seattle University School of Law in 1994. Over her 22 years of legal practice in high volume criminal defense, Ms. McDonald has moved her practice from State criminal matters to a National Security practice in Federal Courts. In addition to handling a criminal caseload, Ms. McDonald is often the first point of legal contact for most clients seeking assistance from the law center.

Ms. Ashai is an immigration attorney with a background in human rights advocacy. She was a Beneficial-Hodson Scholar at Johns Hopkins University who pursued her passion for human rights at University of Michigan Law School. Ms. Ashai received a Henry Bates and Clara Belfield Travel Fellowship after graduation to conduct research on gender discrimination and citizenship law in Indian Administered Kashmir. She has worked as a federal judicial law clerk, a labor organizer for taxi drivers in Chicago, a legal aid attorney for victims of violence, a consultant for relief projects in post-earthquake Haiti, and a specialist in nonprofit program development.

The WOW Dems meeting will be on Thursday, March 9, 2017 at 6:30pm, at the Environmental Education Center, 4116 W Plano Pkwy, Plano, TX.

WOW Dems President’s Update on the #Resistance

WOW Dems President’s Update on the #Resistance

From coast to coast, the #Resistance is underway. Beginning with the Women’s March on January 21st, continuing to rallies at airports over the Muslim ban, and now, backlash from deportations, the protests have never stopped. Phone systems are “breaking” under the weight of calls to elected officials (1.5 million calls a day to the U.S. Senate). Visits to congressional offices, already occurring, will increase during the upcoming recess. It seems the Republican Party underestimated the one “branch” of government they don’t control – the people! And thankfully (so far), we’re even getting help from the courts.

WOW Dems are right in the middle of the good fight! Muriel Hamilton joined protestors at DFW airport the weekend Muslims were denied entry into the U.S. Renee Mitchell, our Legislative Committee chair, traveled to Austin with TexProtects and 100+ advocates to lobby for the protection of children in the foster system. WOW Fundraising co-chair Lori Kleinfield and member Carissa Picard met with aides at Senator Cornyn’s office and then joined 250 others to march outside in an attempt to influence his vote on the Betsy DeVos cabinet nomination. And several #WOWDems members found their way to the February 18 Presidents Day March and Rally to support all immigrants and refugees.

Countless calls, postcards, emails, letters, tweets, faxes (everything but carrier pigeons) have been used to reach our U.S. Senators over the deplorable cabinet nominations. We’re also closely tracking the 85th Texas Legislative session and calling Texas Senators and Representatives to express our opinions about bills being proposed on school vouchers, sanctuary cities, bathroom bills, union rights, and more. Some we’ll win and some we’ll lose, but regardless of the outcome, we won’t get discouraged, because we are in it for the long game. And we want our elected officials to know we are a force to be reckoned with (helpful tip: store your representative’s numbers in your phone for quick access).

We’re working with other organizations too. We’re proud of the protests and visits to the offices of elected officials organized by the Indivisible groups in the area, including Indivisible Liberty Tree TX 3. We’re encouraged that the Collin County Democratic Party is amassing a large cadre of volunteers to do grass-roots field work. And we’re pleased with the large number of progressive candidates who are filing to run in the upcoming Municipal elections on May 6.

For more information, please attend the next WOW Dems meeting on March 9th. Our speaker is Catherine McDonald, Managing Attorney for the Constitutional Law Center for Muslims in American. Look forward to seeing you then.

In the meantime, keep up the calls and letters. Sign up for one of the upcoming Lobby Days in Austin. Visit local congressional offices or attend town halls. Support the campaign of a local candidate. For news and information, follow us on Twitter and visit the WOW Dems Facebook page. And don’t forget to join or renew your WOW Dems membership.

Hazel Weathers, President

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