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WOW President’s May 2017 Personal Candidate Choices

WOW President’s May 2017 Personal Candidate Choices

The Municipal elections are non-partisan and sometimes it’s hard to determine who to vote for if you don’t have time to attend Forums and research each candidate.  That’s one reason turnout is typically so low.  Yet, it is absolutely critical that we vote instead of ceding our power to a handful of voters to make decisions that affect our lives, families and communities.  I have personally met and talked to most of the candidates listed below and believe they support my values.  They care about public education and community.  They support human rights for all and see value in diversity.  They believe in fiscal responsibility, while appreciating the role government plays in improving our lives.  They support equal pay for equal work and a living wage.  They are progressive (or at least moderate) in their views.  In a partisan election, most of them would identify as Democrats, but some are moderate Republicans or Independents.

I recommend the candidates below.  In races where two progressives/moderates are competing, I’ve listed them both (and in some cases, indicated my preference with an *).  For races with no progressives/moderates running, I have NOT listed them and have no recommendations.

Collin College Board of Trustees:  Everyone in Collin County can vote for them.

  • Place 2 – Jeri Landfair Chambers*or Nancy Wurzman
  • Place 3 – Dr. Stacey Donald

PISD Board:  Everyone in Plano Independent School District can vote for them.

  • Place 1 – Carissa Picard
  • Place 2 –Sreedhar “Sree” Yedavalli
  • Place 6 –Marilyn Hinton or Trish Patterson (take your pick)

Plano City Council:

  • Place 2 – Ann Bacchus
  • Place 4 –Kayci Prince
  • Place 6(Mayor) – Harry LaRosiliere
  • Place 8 – Stirling Morris or David Downs (take your pick)

Allen City Council:

  • Place 2 –Tabassum Ahmad

Carrollton/Farmers Branch ISD Board

  • At-Large -Candace Valenzuela

Carrollton Mayoral Candidate

  • Michelle Beckley

Frisco City Council

  • Place 6 – K.D. Warach

Lewisville City Council

  • Place 3 – Elena K. Claros

Melissa City Council

  • Place 5 – Heather Martin

Melissa ISD Board

  • Place 1 – HeatherKurlinski

McKinney City Council

  • 3rdDistrict – Margaret Harsch* or Gavin Nicholson

Murphy City Council

  • Place 3 – Elizabeth Abraham

Richardson City Council:

  • Place 4 – Cory Montfort

Bond Referendums:

  • Vote Yes. Several communities have Bond issues on the ballot (Plano has 6).  In general, I support Bond issues because they are investments to improve infrastructure, enhance shared services, and keep our communities vibrant and strong.

These are my opinions.  Take them for what it’s worth.  Or do your own research.  But please vote!  In the last mayoral elections, turnout in these cities ranged from a low of 2.8% to a high of 13%.   If you share these recommendations (and I hope you will), please include the paragraphs at the top.  Help get these solid, qualified candidates elected!  Vote!

Hazel Weathers, President
WOW Dems

WOW Dems Announce Candidate Endorsements

WOW Dems Announce Candidate Endorsements


Women Organizing Women Democrats Endorses Candidates for May Municipal Election 

 Plano, Texas – Mar. 29, 2017 – Women Organizing Women Democrats (WOW Dems), a political action committee dedicated to expanding the participation of women in politics, today announced endorsements of following candidates for election in the May 6, 2017 Municipal Elections for Collin County:

  • Tabassum Ahmad, Allen City Council, Place 2
  • Stacey Donald, Collin College Board of Trustees, Place 3
  • Heather Kurlinski, Melissa ISD Board, Place 1
  • Ann Bacchus, Plano City Council, Place 2
  • Carissa Picard, Plano ISD Board, Place 1

“These candidates are prepared to advance practical solutions to address the community’s challenges and to support its opportunities, and each is prepared to listen closely to residents to address their concerns for the future of Collin Co. We are proud to support this qualified field of candidates,” said Hazel Weathers, president of WOW Dems.

Each candidate was selected for endorsement after a review of written documents provided to us by their campaigns. WOW Dems may add additional endorsements prior to the May 6 election.

About Us

WOW Dems is a North Texas-based organization whose mission includes expanding the participation of women in politics by increasing their political engagement, raising awareness about women’s issues, and recruiting, supporting, and electing progressive women for partisan and non-partisan offices. We expand our awareness of relevant issues through our educational and related activities.

WOW Dems meet bi-monthly, on second Thursday evenings at the Plano Environmental Education Center.  Everyone is welcome to attend.


Hazel Weathers, President

972-618-9291, [email protected]

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