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WOW President’s Message: She Wins. We Win.

WOW President’s Message: She Wins. We Win.

Are you ready to WOW the voters, make history, and secure our future on May 6?

Activism is up everywhere, with many activities led by WOW’s Legislative Committee.  We’ve phoned and met with our Representatives on ACA, EPA, Social Security, Planned Parenthood, Medicare/Medicaid, school vouchers, the “bathroom” bill and other bills moving through the 85th TX Legislative Session.  We’ve marched and protested against the Muslim ban and heartless ICE deportations that separate families.  We’ve demanded our Congressmen hold town halls, lobbied for “independent” investigation into ties to Russia, and pressed for the release of Trump’s tax returns.  And we’ll continue all those efforts.  Now it’s time to make our voices heard in a way that is the very underpinning of Democracy – our vote!

In the upcoming May election, many school boards, city councils, mayors and other local races will be decided.  We have an unprecedented number of progressive candidates running in Plano, McKinney, Allen, Melissa and other cities — highly qualified individuals who are sacrificing personal time, energy, and money.  We met six dynamic, talented, progressive, female candidates at our General Membership meeting in March (and there are many more out there).

Pictured here l-r top are Carissa Picard, Ann Bacchus, Heather Kurlinski, and l-r bottom Trish Patterson, Tabbasum Ahmad and Dr. Stacey Donald.  These women can’t succeed without you.  They need literally hundreds of volunteers to help block walk and phone bank.  They must raise thousands of dollars for road signs, yard signs, robocalls, and mailings.  They need your vote and for you to solicit others in your “sphere of influence” to vote for them too.

She wins; we win!  You have an opportunity to elect individuals who share your values for human rights and inclusiveness, quality public education, health care for all, appreciation of diversity, tax fairness, good government services, a living wage, a worker’s right to bargain, a strong middle class, and more.  When progressives win local races, we have representatives who actually work for us!

In the next few days, WOW Dems will publish a list of candidates we endorse.  Typically, the turnout is so low for municipal races that less than 9,000 votes equals a win.  If every person reading this note does SOMETHING to support these candidates, they will win.  Help them walk neighborhoods to reach voters. If you can’t do that, then make phone calls.  If that’s too much, then donate to the campaigns (no amount is too small).  Put up a yard sign.  And, finally….. vote!  Early voting is April 24th to May 2nd.  Election Day is Saturday, May 6th.  There is no time to waste.  We have only six weeks to do the work necessary to get them elected, and we are counting on you!  Bring your families and vote!  Bring your friends and vote!  Bring your neighbors and vote!  Turnout is everything!

As we learned from Indivisible, our Members of Congress care more about their own re-election than just about anything else.  When progressives launch successful races in their own backyards this will get the attention of our state and federal representatives and amplify our voices when we call, write, and protest (as we will continue to do).

What can you do?  Visit progressive candidates’ websites to learn more about their campaigns, volunteer, and make donations.  Follow WOW Dems on  Facebook and Twitter and visit WOWDems.org for up-to-date news and announcements on endorsements.  Let’s elect progressive candidates so we can keep our local communities financially strong, vibrant, welcoming places to live and work.  We’ll leverage those wins to achieve goals for 2018 and beyond.  Join me in building our Future by taking charge of the Present.  It’s in our hands.  Volunteer in ways that are right for you and VOTE!

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