Jun 292016

Sharon WilsonOur next General Meeting will be held Thursday, July 14, 2016 at the Environmental Education Center. Our speaker will be Sharon Wilson, well-known environmental activist, Gulf regional organizer for the Texas Oil and Gas Accountability Project. Sharon is considered the leading citizen expert on the Barnett Shale and the go-to person whether it’s top EPA officials, major news networks, national environmental organizations, or residents facing the shock of eminent domain and the devastating effects of natural gas development in their own backyards.

She will give an overview of fracking in Texas and speak on the HB40 bill which severely restricts the ability of Texas towns to regulate local oil and gas drilling. She will also speak on the health and environmental impact of fracking and methane gas.

We want to honor trauma surgeon Dr. Brian Williams, who gave his all and spoke from his heart after treating many injured Dallas police officers at Parkland Hospital. Listen to his poignant words here.  We will be  collecting donations of new unused homemade or newly purchased items such as slippers, pillows, quilts, robes, stuffed animals or dolls. We will bring them to Parkland Hospital this weekend to say thank you to Dr. Williams for his work, and for his strong message on need for open dialog on race relations. Cash donations will also be helpful. Thank you! 

Meet and greet: 6:30 pm. Program 6:45 pm

Plano Environmental Education Center 4116 W Plano Parkway Plano Texas 75093

See you there!

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Jun 292016

What exciting times! First, we are elated that the Supreme Court ruled 5-3 to overturn HB2, the Texas law that Wendy Davis filibustered 3 years ago. The court recognized that this law was a sham and was not really meant to protect women’s health, but instead imposed an undue burden on a woman’s constitutional right to have an abortion. What a victory for the women of Texas! Let us continue to stand up for women’s rights just as Wendy Davis did, by helping elect progressive Democratic women and men who will fight for our rights (and choose brilliant Supreme Court Justices who will do the same.)

Congratulations to our WOW Dems members who won election and are going to the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia in July! Rebecca Arredondo, Lynn Wolfe, and James White are Hillary National Delegates. Kristi Lara and Samantha Morrow are Bernie National Delegates.

State Convention Photo


We had a great time at the state convention in San Antonio, with many WOW Dems attending as delegates for the first time, some running for positions on committees at the convention. Celeste Kennedy, Nancy Bryant, Lynn Wolfe, Sharon Hirsch and I were just a few who won committee positions. Congratulations to Sharon Hirsch, past president of WOW Dems who will be the new State Democratic Executive Committeewoman from SD8!


We are proud to be Women Organizing Women Democrats. We organized, supported each other and won just about every position in which we were running! With this strategy, and with your help and commitment, we can win state and local elections as well! Stay tuned to hear from our Hillary National Delegates as they gear up with opportunities for us to get out the vote for Hillary! Please get involved by going to candidate websites, our website calendar and events below!

Lori Kleinfield
President, Women Organizing Women Democrats

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Jun 102016

4th of July

We are excited to be in the Plano and McKinney 4th of July parades, especially this year, when we have the first Democratic woman nominee for President, EVER!

For the Plano Parade: We will be meeting at 8:00 am at the Plano ISD admin building – 2700 West 15th St. Come at 7:00 am if you want to help decorate the Collin County Democratic Party float. Theme is Star Spangled 4th. Bring sunscreen, a hat and water. Contact Diane for more info.

For the McKinney parade: Meet at 8:15 am at the old Courthouse on Tennessee Ave and Henry Street. (East side of the parking lot) Contact Celeste for more info and to volunteer to help decorate the float on the afternoon of July 3rd (BBQ right after!).

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Jun 102016

It is crucial that we win local elections so we can turn Texas blue, and assure women’s rights, funding for public education, healthcare, clean air and water, and other issues. Please take a look at our calendar and sign up for events with the candidates.

Please also go to the candidate websites for more information and to find out how you can help!candidates%20&%20check%20001

Adam Bell
Ramona Brumfield
John Bryant
Scott Coleman
Dennise Garcia
Denise Hamilton
Laura Irvin
Karen Jacobs
Jan McDowell
Victoria Neave
Gnanse Nelson
Dorotha Ocker
Hillary Clinton


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May 192016

Thank you to everyone who came out to our May General Meeting. Kelly Hart gave a thorough and riveting review of Planned Parenthood in Texas, the history, the fantastic work they do, the challenges they face now and in the future – details below.  Also, our local candidates were presented with a WOW Dems endorsement ceremony. We hope you will consider supporting one or more of these great candidates.


WOW Dems endorsement of local Democratic candidates and presentation of donation check.

Kelly Hart, Senior Director of Government Relations for Planned Parenthood of Greater Texas, updated our group about the current state of access to women’s healthcare in Texas. At present, there are 20 Planned Parenthood health centers throughout North Texas that provide services to women and men ranging from pap smears, birth control, testing for high blood pressure and cholesterol screenings, STD’s, mammograms, and other cancer screenings.  Some also perform vasectomies, colposcopies, and abortions.  In addition, Planned Parenthood provides sex education for young people with professional health educators that are trained to provide age-appropriate, medically accurate information.  In Dallas, there is a Teen Theatre group that performs interactive theater on relevant topics important to adolescents.  Kelly noted that the Texas Legislature first started cutting the budget for Planned Parenthood in 2011, and described how the subsequent cuts in funding and attacks have continued and increased dramatically. She also outlined how some areas in Texas have no access for health care services for uninsured women in need of financial support.  Currently, there is a shortage of providers serving this uninsured population, in spite of repeated assurances from the Texas Legislature that they would provide agencies to perform these services.  Planned Parenthood has been in Texas for 80 years and does not plan to leave.  Anyone that is interested in getting more information or that would like to volunteer can contact www.ppgreatertx.org  or call 1-800-230-PLAN.

Kelly Hart, Sr. Dir. of Govt. Relations, PPGT

Kelly Hart, Sr. Dir. of Govt. Relations, PPGT

Planned Parenthood Logo

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Apr 142016

Join us Saturday, April 16! We will be out and about in District 107 talking to the community about the Victoria Neave for Texas State Representative campaign and listening to our neighbors. Volunteers can help in several ways including:

-Block walking (talk to voters in person);Victoria Neave
-Phone-Banking (talk to voters over the phone);
-Driving (Drive our Block-Walkers);
-Voter Registration (Volunteer Deputy Registrars);
-Data Entry; and

Never been involved in a campaign before? Don’t worry! It’s easy and fun!

For more information about our campaign, please visit:www.VictoriaForTexas.com

Sign up here https://act.myngp.com/Forms/-5286961410853500928

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Mar 302016


In addition to endorsing Secretary Hillary Rodham Clinton for President of the United States, Women Organizing Women Democrats (WOW Dems) has formally endorsed the following Democratic Women Candidates:

Judge Dennise Garcia   Texas 5th District Court of Appeals Place 7
Jan McDowell                 U.S. Representative, District 24
Karen Jacobs                   Texas Representative House District 33
Gnanse Nelson               Texas Representative House District 66
Denise Hamilton            Texas Representative House District 89
Laura Irvin                      Texas Representative House District 102
Victoria Neave                Texas Representative House District 107
Dorotha Ocker               Texas Representative House District 115
Ramona Brumfield        Collin County Justice of the Peace, Precinct 3, Place 1

We also have endorsed 3 Democratic men running for office:

Adam Bell                       U.S. Representative, District 3
Scott Coleman                Texas Representative House District 67
John Bryant                    Texas Representative House District 70

Click  here to read the Press Release.


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Mar 032016

Congratulations to the following WOW Dems candidates who won their primary contests (though still not yet official) and kudos to Cristin Padgett, who may have lost the primary but won our hearts! She was so courageous in standing up for being a secular humanist, an atheist in this land of religion. She inspired millennials to get involved in politics and government, and for that she has made her mark! We hope to see you run again Cristin!

Please get involved in one or more of these campaigns. You can block walk, donate to their campaign or do whatever you can to help these fine Democrats get elected in November! Click on their names for more info.

Karen JacobsKaren Jacobs from Heath, Texas won the Democratic nomination for Texas House District 33. She is a business leader and retired engineer, and has been active in the Democratic party of Rockwall. She believes in the importance of public education, investing in roads, water and renewable energy. She has practical solutions for the problems we face.


Gnanse NelsonGnanse Nelson won the Democratic nomination for Texas House District 66. She works for Star Local Media in Plano and is active in the community. She is a Public Relations and Communications professional and studied political science and history at LSU. Her focus is on affordable higher education, federal funding to expand healthcare to low-income Texans. With her great intelligence and ability to work across the aisle, she will make a great Representative to the State House!

Denise HamiltonDenise Hamilton won the Democratic nomination for Texas House District 89. She is a self-employed realtor, a civic award winner, active in the Plano multicultural Outreach Roundtable, AVID, CASA, Big Brothers and Big Sisters. She is an experienced leader who goes above and beyond to standing up for the rights of all.


Victoria NeaveVictoria Neave won the Democratic nomination for Texas House District 107 (which includes parts of East Dallas, Garland and Mesquite). She is an attorney who has been endorsed by Annies List! She has boundless energy to campaign, and to work for the people she represents once she gets into office!


Dorotha OckerDorotha Ocker won the Democratic nomination for Texas House District 115, which covers Northwest Dallas County. She is a Stanford-trained trial lawyer and a partner in her own law firm in Carrolton. She is running on a platform of higher wages, equal pay and affordable college for Texans.


We would also like to congratulate WOW Dems member Nancy Bryant, whose husband John Bryant has won the Democratic nomination for Texas House District 70. Check out his website for a great event on March 18th!

Also, Mike Rawlins has won a second term as Chairman of the Collin County Democratic Party. He and his wife Diana are WOW Dems!

Unfortunately, Michael Filak, husband of WOW Dems member Carolyn Filak, did not win the primary to become the Democratic nominee for US Congress, District 3. He put on a wonderful campaign full of issues and ideas. He asks us to get behind primary winner Adam Bell to beat the Republicans and take Sam Johnson’s spot in Congress!

We would also like to get behind Ramona Brumfield who won the Democratic nomination for Justice of the Peace District 3-1. She recently became a WOW Dems member! To Michael Messer, friend to many WOW Dems members, we hope you run again. You make a fine candidate!

Here are some other winning local candidates:

Dennise Garcia Court of Appeals #7 District 5
Gena Slaughter Court of Appeals #4 District 5
Scott Coleman Texas House District 67
Laura Irvin Texas House District 102
Jan McDowell US House of Representatives CD 24

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