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Create a “I Stand with Texas Women” photo

Create a “I Stand with Texas Women” photo

WOW Dems Members:

The Texas Senate is expected to take a vote on HB 2 this afternoon which, if enacted, will put in place extreme, politically motivated restrictions on access to abortion services that would violate Texas women’s constitutional right to determine their private medical decisions.

All of us from WOW Dems can be part of the virtual stand-in.

Organizations around the state, including the Blue Ribbon Lobby Day, are organizing a “stand in” both in Austin and at home. For those of us not in Austin, we can take part in an online virtual “stand in.” Very simple – all we need to do is hold a homemade sign that says “I Stand with Texas Women” and the name of our town or city and someone to take the picture while we hold the sign. The pictures can be submitted to the Stand With Texas Women coalition and put it online.

Photos can be emailed to:
[email protected]

Let’s be part of this movement across the state standing up for Texas women. Take and submit your picture (wear orange if you can) ASAP and don’t forget to share with others so we can build the momentum before this afternoon.

Stand with Texas Women Rally Ft. Worth

Stand with Texas Women Rally Ft. Worth

The Stand With Texas Women Bus Tour of the state is in Houston tonight. Tomorrow night, Wednesday, July 10, it will be in Fort Worth for a Bus Stop rally. Over 300 people have already RSVPed they will be there, and the more the merrier. This will be at 7 PM, at 421 S. Adams St., Fort Worth. If you can join the fun, you can RSVP by Facebook at this event page. Then you can follow their ongoing efforts (they’ll be in San Antonio the next day) at their regular Facebook page, StandWithTXWomen.


Stand with Texas Women Event Tomorrow (Wednesday) in Dallas

Stand with Texas Women Event Tomorrow (Wednesday) in Dallas

I know it’s short notice, but there will be a Dallas event tomorrow/Wednesday with Stand with Texas Women.

It will be at 10AM at Dallas City Hall Plaza, 1500 Marilla Street. Cecile Richards and Senator Royce West will be speaking.  There will be “Stand With Texas Women” T-shirts available.

Come wearing orange and be ready to be inspired!

Demand public hearings on HB2 – message from Chairman Hinjosa

Demand public hearings on HB2 – message from Chairman Hinjosa

On July 2nd, 3,000 people showed up to register to testify on HB2, the GOP’s latest attack on women’s constitutional freedom.

Less than 100 were heard.

Sign our petition to demand hearings be held across Texas.

If this bill passes, someone living in El Paso would have to drive 550 miles each way to San Antonio for something as simple as cervical cancer screening at a clinic.

Shouldn’t people from El Paso to Beaumont have a chance to tell lawmakers how they feel about this bill?

It’s just not democratic for lawmakers in Austin to hear from so few Texans, or to legislate on a decision that should be made by a woman and her doctor.

Tell our elected officials — All of us deserve to speak.

GOP lawmakers are willing to do anything to pursue their ideological agenda — even cheat us out of our right to speak.

They’ve ignored the rules of the Senate, cut off public testimony from Texans twice, and even changed the timestamp on the Senate’s first vote of this bill to try to invalidate Senator Davis’ successful filibuster.

Governor Perry decided to call another special session and waste millions of our dollars on his extreme conservative agenda. Governor Perry and the rest of the GOP cannot spend your tax dollars and then refuse to listen to every Texan that wants to speak.

After all, the second special session was Perry’s idea.

We know we’ve asked for a lot lately, and sent a lot of emails to you. We’re so glad to have you in this fight. You keep holding our elected officials accountable, and you keep making history.

Now bring that history to your hometown. Demand local hearings.

Giliberto Hinjosa
Chairman, Texas Democratic Party

Various links to events planned for upcoming legislative action

Various links to events planned for upcoming legislative action

Sunday (Austin):

Monday am (Austin):

Monday pm (Austin):

Tuesday: Senate will debate and vote. If the bill passes, the it will go to the governors office to be signed into law.

Local Rally on Saturday 7/6

Local Rally on Saturday 7/6

A local North Dallas teen is organizing a protest rally on Saturday in Dallas after listening to a Rachael Maddow radio program about what the Republicans are trying to do in Austin, greatly limiting a woman’s access to reproductive services in Texas. She remarked to her mother while on the verge of tears, “What would I do if I get raped?”

This was enough to get her to organize her first protest!

July 6th, 2013, 10am Outside Stephani Carter’s office
100 Central Expressway, Richardson

Make signs! Wear orange!

Texans don’t back down from a fight – message from Chairman Hinojosa

Texans don’t back down from a fight – message from Chairman Hinojosa

Texans don’t back down from a fight.

That’s why hundreds from across the state will return to the Capitol again tomorrow to fight back against Gov. Rick Perry’s War on Women.

On Sunday, the House will consider the bills that quietly passed the House State Affairs Committee Friday after a historic ten hour citizen filibuster Thursday night.

I’m writing to you today to ask you to join us. Public testimony is not allowed, so we will make our presence known in silent watching in the chamber, and by raising our voices at an outside rally.

When: 1pm, Sunday June 23rd
What: Rally Against anti-choice bills HB60, HB16, SB5
Who: Everyone who opposes Gov. Rick Perry’s politicization of Texan women’s health
Where: House Gallery, Texas House of Representatives, Austin – and outside the Capitol
I’m inspired to see so many Texans united against the Republican Party’s anti-choice and anti-woman agenda.

As we fight to protect women’s rights, we will lay the groundwork for successful statewide Democratic campaigns in 2014 and 2016.

Many have written to us over social media and email that they are with these brave Texans in spirit, but cannot attend Sunday’s rally.

You can still sign our thank you card to everyone that participated in the citizen filibuster Thursday night, and everyone who will continue to show up in Austin as protests continue this week.

Thinking of the Blue future of our state,

Gilberto Hinojosa

P.S. The rest of the nation has noticed what is happening in Texas. Rachel Maddow dedicated an entire segment to the citizen filibuster on Friday. Watch and share with your friends.

P.P.S. TDP staff have worked around the clock since Thursday morning to fight these bills and support to the citizen filibuster. Give today to help fund this work by the Texas Democratic Party.

Action Alert: Keep abortion safe and legal in Texas Speak in the Capitol TOMORROW, Thursday June 20

Action Alert: Keep abortion safe and legal in Texas Speak in the Capitol TOMORROW, Thursday June 20

Last night, after six hours of debate, the Texas Senate passed the omnibus abortion regulation bill.  If this bill becomes law, the number of clinics where safe and legal abortions are performed will drop to 5 in the entire state of Texas. Today, there are 47. There will be no clinics west of I-35, no clinics in South Texas, none. Five facilities for all the women in Texas.

We have one last chance to stop this attack on safe and legal abortion in Texas: the public hearing in the House State Affairs committee, currently planned for tomorrow late afternoon. If enough people speak at this hearing, the bills will lose the one thing they don’t have on their side: time. Can you speak at State Affairs tomorrow, June 20th?

Here’s how it works: the hearing process allows three minutes for each person to testify. If 20 people testify, the hearing lasts an hour. 40 people, two hours. 100 people, five hours. With the special session ending next Tuesday, June 25th, every minute this bill spends in committee is a minute its supporters lose to get it passed before the Tuesday deadline. We need to pack this hearing with pro-choice supporters who will speak for three minutes each. It’s that simple.

The tricky part is that we cannot give you an exact start time for the hearing. I know how frustrating this is, but this is the way it works in the Legislature. State Affairs will meet upon adjournment in the House. If the floor debate is short, that could be as early as 4pm; however, if the debate on the redistricting bills goes long, the State Affairs hearing could start much later.  We need to be prepared to get to the Capitol early and to stay as late as it takes. Frankly, the best thing that could happen would be for the hearing to go so long that the chair decides to continue it Friday morning.

To make this easier for you, we’ll send an email alert tomorrow afternoon with information about the start time in State Affairs. We’ll also update the CADW Facebook group with information about the hearing. We’ve also created a special CADW registration page for people who can commit to coming tomorrow and Friday. Please register right now! Knowing how many of us can come and speak (and who can be there on Friday morning, if necessary) will help tremendously. Thank you for letting us know you’ll be there tomorrow and speak against this attack on Texas women.

Here’s what you need to do:

1. Sign up on CADW’s registration page so we know how many Democratic women (and men) to expect tomorrow. We’ll send you an email Thursday afternoon letting you know how it’s looking. If there’s no reason to rush there at 4pm. we’ll let you know. We’ll also update the CADW Facebook group with the information.

2. Come to the State Affairs hearing on Thursday afternoon (or evening). It’s in the Reagan Building, room 140, on the Capitol complex. Here’s a map–it’s called the JHR on the map.

3. Register to testify against the bill. This is simple and there will be people there to help you. You’ll do this when you arrive at the Reagan Building. (This is an official state form; registering on the CADW form does not register you with the committee.)

4. Wait for your turn to speak. Remember, you won’t be alone. We’ll all be waiting together.

5. Speak personally for three minutes about why you oppose the bills under consideration. It’s very important that you tell the committee why you are personally motivated to attend and why you oppose the bills they’re considering. Don’t be afraid! The committee knows that you are there as a concerned citizen. Be polite, be personal and take all 3 minutes.

6. Be prepared to return to the hearing on Friday morning and speak when your turn comes. The hearing happening on Friday morning is a great thing, but we still need to use all the time we can to slow down this destructive bill. If you can be there Friday, that would be fantastic.

Again, we’ll use Facebook and email to keep people informed about the hearing start time. We’ll also keep you posted about Friday morning.

Clearly, this is a huge undertaking. We need as many people to speak as we can get. There are women coming in from across the state to speak for only three minutes. The women of Austin need to be there too. It’s the least we can do for the women across this state.
Thank you for coming on Thursday. See you at the Reagan Building, room 140.

Lize Burr, President
Capital Area Democratic Women

Action Alert – call today!

Action Alert – call today!

On Tuesday Governor Perry added abortion restrictions to the special session call, giving bills that failed during the regular session a second chance under different rules. We need to take action IMMEDIATELY. The Senate Health and Human Services Committee will hear four bills at a hearing today, June 13th, at 3:45pm in the Senate Chamber. We need call our state senators TODAY to voice our opposition to these harmful, restrictive bills because everything is on a fast track, given the special session ends in two weeks.

The bills we oppose are SB 5, SB 13, SB 18 and SB 24. I’ve pasted Planned Parenthood’s description of these bills at the bottom of this email.

If you live in the Austin area, please come to the hearing this afternoon at 3:45pm. Signing in at the actual hearing is the most effective way you can demonstrate widespread opposition to these bills. The more of us who sign in against these bills, the better.

If you live outside the Austin area, please call your state senator RIGHT NOW. Your call matters–no matter who answers and what they say. Every state senator needs to know that there is opposition to these dangerous, restrictive bills in their districts. Calls to Republican senators show that we are united, we’re watching and we’re keeping score.

Here’s what you should say when you call:

Hello, my name is _____________ and I am a constituent of Sen. __________. I am calling today to let the senator know that I oppose SB 5, SB 13, SB 18 and SB 24. Having the constitutional right of legal abortion, I do not wish any changes, restrictions or amendments to those rights particularly in regard to access to professional medical help. I believe that these proposed restrictions would be harmful to Texas women who might then make harmful choices made during desperate times.

Here is the list of Senators and their Austin phone numbers:
Sen. Brian Birdwell (512) 463-0122
Sen. Donna Campbell (512) 463-0125
Sen. John Carona (512) 463-0116
Sen. Wendy Davis (512) 463-0110
Sen. Robert Deuell (512) 463-0102 (author of SB 24)
Sen. Robert Duncan (512) 463-0128
Sen. Rodney Ellis (512) 463-0113
Sen. Kevin Eltife (512) 463-0101
Sen. Craig Estes (512) 463-0130
Sen. Troy Fraser (512) 463-0124
Sen. Kelly Hancock (512) 463-0109
Sen. Glenn Hegar (512) 463-0118 (author of SB 5 and SB 13)
Sen. Juan “Chuy” Hinojosa (512) 463-0120
Sen. Joan Huffman (512) 463-0117
Sen. Eddie Lucio, Jr. (512) 463-0127
Sen. Jane Nelson (512) 463-0112 (chair of Senate Health and Human Services)
Sen. Robert Nichols (512) 463-0103
Sen. Dan Patrick (512) 463-0107 (author of SB 18)
Sen. Ken Paxton (512) 463-0108
Sen. José Rodriguez (512) 463-0129
Sen. Charles Schwertner (512) 463-0105
Sen. Kel Selinger (512) 463-0131
Sen. Larry Taylor (512) 463-0111
Sen. Carlos Uresti (512) 463-0119
Sen. Leticia Van de Putte (512) 463-0126
Sen. Kirk Watson (512) 463-0114
Sen. Royce West (512) 463-0123
Sen. John Whitmire (512) 463-0115
Sen. Tommy Williams (512) 463-0104
Sen. Judith Zaffirini (512) 463-0121

Not sure who represents you? You can find out here.

Feel free to follow up with an email, a letter to the editor or a rally, but make sure to start with a call today. Thank you for standing up for Texas women. Please share this email far and wide.


Lize Burr
on behalf of the
Blue Ribbon Lobby Day Organizing Committee

Here’s Planned Parenthood of Greater Texas’ write up of the bills that will be heard Thursday:

SB 5 – Author: Senator Hegar – This bill serves as an abortion restrict omnibus bill, and includes regulation of abortion procedures, providers, and facilities; providing penalties.

SB 13 – Author: Senator Hegar – This bill mandates a ban on abortion at 20 weeks and greatly interferes with women’s healthcare decisions before she and her doctor may have important health information about her own health and the health of the pregnancy.  Twenty week abortion bans are not only bad policy because they would prevent a woman from making her own personal, private decision about her health and medical care, but because they clearly violate women’s constitutional rights by banning abortion before viability.

SB 18 – Author: Senator Patrick – Becca Aaronson at The Texas Tribune wrote that this bill “would further increase the in-person requirements for physicians. In addition to the in-person sonogram 24 hours ahead of the abortion, doctors would have to personally administer both of the two medications used for drug-induced abortions, and see the patient again for a follow-up appointment within 14 days, a particular challenge for the roving doctors who treat women in the state’s rural counties.”

This bill serves to further restrict access to nonsurgical abortion (medical abortion) and unfairly targets rural and low-income women.  At Planned Parenthood, we support making healthcare more accessible and oppose the new regulatory burdens created by this bill and not required by the FDA.

SB 24 – Author: Senator Deuell – This bill would require medically unnecessary regulations of all health care centers that provide safe and legal abortions.  Excessive regulations are already in place in Texas, far exceeding what is necessary to uphold patient health and safety at health centers that provide safe, legal abortion.  The additional requirements of SB 24 are excessive and medically unnecessary requirements, and will be difficult for women’s health centers to meet.

Blue Ribbon Lobby Day

Blue Ribbon Lobby Day

Democrats and Progressives
Austin Capital Building



Date: April 9,2013, Tuesday
How: Bus Leaving Dallas
Departure Time: 5:30 am
Where: Unity Church of Dallas, 6525 Forest Ln, Dallas 75230 (park in east parking lot away from building)
Return Time: ETA 7:30 pm, leaving Austin 3:30 pm

Stops: Morning stop: Flying J Truck Stop, Waco, TX for food and beverages
Afternoon Stop: Flying J Truck Stop, Waco, TX for food and beverages

Two step process:

  1. Register online for the lobby day at by clicking REGISTER
  2. If you need bus transportation, purchase tickets for the bus at by clicking GET ORGANIZED and then click TRAVEL for the Dallas bus

No refunds
More info 214/821-8331

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