The Power of Joining a Committee

The Power of Joining a Committee

Good morning WOW Dems!

Making calls and participating in rallies aren’t the only way to have your voice heard in your community. Actually, one would argue that participating on a county board or commission is one of the most effective steps citizens can take in having an active voice in their government.

If Democrats want to hold more positions at all levels of government, we have to build our bench of experienced candidates.  By joining a board or commission, you can gain valuable experience at the city level that will be essential when seeking a higher office.  Voters look for candidates with leadership experience in the community.  Even if you have no intention of running for office, being on a board or commission gives Democrats an ear into local conversations and decisions that will help other Democrats who need that information when they run.  We need to be “in” before we can break in.

We encourage every WOW Dem to apply for a committee that they are interested in. Simply click on the links below to find information on each Collin County Committee and Allen Committees as well as where to apply. Notice the deadlines to apply! Let’s get more democrats in powerful positions!


Descriptions of Boards:

Boards & Commissions Organized by County:

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