Recap of July 14, WOW Dems General Meeting

Recap of July 14, WOW Dems General Meeting

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We had a great turnout for our July 14th meeting. Sharon Wilson, environmental activist and citizen expert on fracking and the environment gave a great presentation which was both enlightening and frightening. She spoke about the climate change consequences of methane gas (which comes from fracking shale) and how it is a more powerful agent of global warming than carbon dioxide. She spoke about HB40, the bill which banned the ban on fracking in Denton. See below for more info:


The Solutions Project. We have enough Wind Water and Solar WWS to energize the entire planet.

Some great information about methane’s impacts on the climate is here

This is a 2-page summary

Sharon Wilson, Fracking Insurgent
In North Texas on top of the Barnett Shale

Read about the very real health risks from oil and gas extraction in our reports Reckless Endangerment and Gas Patch Roulette.


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