WOW Dems January General Meeting was an Interesting and Enlightening Evening!

WOW Dems January General Meeting was an Interesting and Enlightening Evening!

General Meeting #1The WOW Dems January meeting went well with a good turnout. Dr. Bray gave a compelling look at how poverty negatively impacts children (including their brains and ability to learn) and explained how poverty begets more poverty. People in poverty do not vote nor have the time to care about who is running. Those of us watching the presentation left feeling we really must do something to stem this tide. Thanks to all who donated food for Minnie’s Pantry!

Candidates for HD33, Karen Jacobs and Cristin Padgett gave wonderful presentations answering questions about their backgrounds, and what they will do when in office to improve education, help the middle class, and other issues. They talked about their different styles of leadership and getting things done.

We also heard from Michael Filak who said he’s a feminist! (He’s running against Adam Bell in the Democratic primary with the winner to challenge Sam Johnson for Congress in the General Election). Denise Hamilton attended and showed the passion, energy and determination to beat Jody Laubenberg and her right-wing extremist agenda. Lon Burnam also stopped in on our WOW Dems meeting as he was making the rounds running for statewide office as Texas Railroad Commissioner.

Many WOW Dems stepped up to help with Power of the Purse, our upcoming fundraiser on February 27th. Others joined the Candidates Committee to help plan the Candidates Forum coming in March. WOW Dems will be hosting a Democratic Presidential debate watch party in February. And Hillary signs will be on sale soon!

Dr. Bray also provided his slide deck which can be reviewed here. It is eye-opening.

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