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We have many great candidates who are running for election in 2016. Primaries will be held March 1st, 2016 (with early voting starting in February). Please get involved in one of their campaigns. You can block walk, donate to their campaign or do whatever you can to help these fine Democrats get elected!

WOW Dems Candidates

Clockwise from left: Denise Hamilton HD 89, Karen Beck (photographer), Gnanse Nelson HD 66, Karen Jacobs HD 33. Not pictured: Cristin Padgett HD 33, Victoria Neave HD 107

Wow Dems member Cristin Padgett to run for House District 33 against fellow WOW Dems member Karen Jacobs!
WOW Dems member Cristin Padgett from Frisco, Texas is running for Texas State Representative House District 33, which includes most of Frisco, parts of Celina, Prosper and all of Rockwall. She is young, has great ideas and the passion and energy to bring about change! Her key issues are education, economic stability and civil liberties. To find out more and to volunteer or donate to her campaign, go to www.padgett4texas.com.

She will be running in the Democratic primary against Karen Jacobs from Heath, Texas, who is also a WOW Dems member and a very strong candidate, having been active in politics since she retired as an engineer. She believes in importance of public education, investing in roads, water and renewable energy. Find out more about Karen at www.jacobsfortexas.com.

Note: WOW Dems does not formally endorse a candidate until after the primary.

WOW Dems Member Gnanse Nelson to run for House District 66
WOW Dems member Gnanse Nelson has entered the race for Texas State Representative House District 66. She works for Star Local Media in Plano and is active in the community. She is a Public Relations and Communications professional and studied political science and history at LSU. Her focus is on affordable higher education, federal funding to expand healthcare to low-income Texans, and much more. With her great intelligence, vibrant personality and ability to work across the aisle, she will make a great Representative to the State House!

WOW Dems member Denise Hamilton to run for House District 89
WOW Dems member Denise Hamilton is running for Texas State Representative House District 89. She is a self-employed realtor, a civic award winner, active in the Plano multicultural Outreach Roundtable, AVID, CASA, Big Brothers and Big Sisters and a leader standing up for the rights of all! Click  here to find out more about Denise’s campaign, and how you can help! Her campaign kickoff party is on Wednesday, December 16 at 6:00 p.m. at Boomer Jacks in Murphy, TX. RSVP here.

WOW Dems member Victoria Neave to run for House District 107
WOW Dems member Victoria Neave is running for Texas State Representative House District 107 (which includes parts of East Dallas, Garland and Mesquite). She needs your help to win in one of the few real swing districts in Texas! Click here for more info on Victoria’s campaign and how you can help!

Two other members, Carolyn Filak, and Nancy Bryant, have husbands who are running! Also, our Collin County Democratic Party County Chair Mike Rawlins will be running again. He and his wife Diana are WOW Dems!

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