Oct 212015

Do you want to be a Poll Worker during the Elections?

If you live in Collin County and want to work the polls this Election Day November, 3 2015, please email Linda Etheridge, Election Judge, who needs someone at Aldridge Elementary School.
You will be paid. Experience preferred!


Do you want to become a Voter Registrar?

If you haven’t been deputized as a Voter Registrar yet this year, click on Dallas County or Collin County to find out how to do it!
Note: All VDR certifications expired on 12/13/14.  New certifications will be good until 12/31/16.
The new  “Voter Registration Initiative”  is up and running! (This is an independent group, non-partisan, not a WOW Dems committee)  Click here to sign up!


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