HILLARY FOR TEXAS North Texas Grassroots Organizing Meeting

HILLARY FOR TEXAS North Texas Grassroots Organizing Meeting

Tuesday’s HILLARY FOR TEXAS kick-off meeting had an amazing turnout. The attendees enjoyed a video highlighting Hillary’s accomplishments as well as her initial campaign video. Several WOW Dems members shared the reasons they were voting for Hillary which energized the attendees. Hazel Weathers treated us to a Dave Letterman style “Top 10 List” that was both meaningful and humorous! Vickie Parker spoke from her heart and added a personal touch which was an emotional moment for all. The excitement in the room was contagious as the attendees worked with their table mates to brainstorm ideas for Hillary’s campaign to get the word out in Texas as well as preparing our North Texas issues list. Barb Walters scribed the items that were shared and there was a healthy exchange of ideas about how to best spread the word and what the next steps should be as we gear up for the 2016 primary and general elections. Everyone who signed a volunteer card will be contacted and the ideas and issues we discussed will be passed on to the campaign. A special thanks to Lynne Wolfe and Becky Arrendono for their efforts in organizing this great event.

Based on the crowd at this event, we are anticipating an exciting and productive campaign season.

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