June WOW Dems Meeting featuring MAPB

June WOW Dems Meeting featuring MAPB

We had a terrific turnout at Thursday’s general meeting – thank you to everyone who came out to support WOW Dems and listen to the program by Mothers Against Police Brutality (MAPB).

John Fullinwider of MAPB gave an emotional and moving account of the problem of police brutality today including videos. He explained that over the past 40 years there have been many shootings of unarmed people (usually Black or other minority persons) but NO indictments. According to Fullinwider, we need to change laws to allow an independent prosecutor to bring charges.  In addition, we need to put pressure on elected officials, the District Attorney, Judges, Police Chief, and City Council members to hold police accountable. We also need to vote for good district judges since they pick the grand juries who decide whether there is a case in these instances. Dallas District Judge Elizabeth Frizell was also in attendance and shared her perspective with us as well.  All the more reasons to vote Democratic down the ballot!  Kristi Lara, a member of WOW Dems and MAPB, shared her experience as a counselor and provided an interesting psychological take on the problem. Mr. Fullinwider and Ms. Lara both put together a fabulous presentation.

To top it all off, WOW Dems made the 10 PM news on Telemundo 39!FullSizeRenderIMG_3193IMG_3199

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