Election Day is May 9th – Spread the word!

Election Day is May 9th – Spread the word!

Election Day Saturday May 9th


 Sharon Hirsch, Past President of WOW Dems, is running for Plano ISD Board of Trustees Place 4. An excellent leader, she will work hard and effectively for our children, our schools, and our community. Sharon has been endorsed by former Plano ISD School Board Presidents Allan Bird, Mary Beth King, and Lloyd “Skip” Jenkins, as well as Dr. Doug Otto, former Superintendent of Schools! Here is what WOW Dems member Prissy Wisnewski said in her endorsement of Sharon:

 I am very excited and thrilled to offer my support and endorsement to Sharon Hirsch for Plano ISD School Board Place 4.  I am a 20 year Plano ISD employee and have worked with Sharon in the school district and also in many volunteer activities, including WOW Dems.  Sharon has been deeply involved in all aspects of PISD including as a parent of PISD graduates, a long time District employee, spouse of a PISD administrator, parent to a PISD teacher, and as a grandparent of a PISD daycare child and future PISD student.  One example of her continued support of students and PISD programs is that she and her husband established and fund the Hirsch AVID Scholarship, providing first year tuition and textbooks for a deserving PISD AVID graduate to attend Collin College.  Sharon is by far the best school board candidate in Place 4 to continue the high quality level of education that Plano students and parents expect and deserve.  Please tell all your friends and family to get out and vote for Sharon!!
Prissy Wisnewski, Plano ISD employee  

Click here for more information about Sharon’s campaign. Visit the Dallas Morning News voter guide to see Sharon’s views on the issues or the League of Women Voters guide.  After you see her exceptional qualifications and what she will do for our schools, please help Sharon’s campaign by calling all your Plano friends and family! We also have other excellent candidates running. Check out Matt Lagos, James White and Steven Spainhouer.

We need ALL Democrats to get out and vote; this is not the time to sit home! Please read the voter guides (see above links) to find out more about all the candidates in YOUR local elections. This is important. Sharon and other great candidates  have a great chance of winning if we all get out and vote, and get others to do the same.  Even non-Democrats want  strong leaders like Sharon to work hard for our schools and our communities!   There are other interest groups sending mailers to vote for candidates who are against equality, who have no interest in supporting public schools and who will harm Plano’s business community’s fine reputation.  So talk to ALL your friends and family (moderates, Republicans, Independents too) and remind them that it is their civic duty to get out and vote! 

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