TDP Candidate training Austin Oct 5-6

TDP Candidate training Austin Oct 5-6

The Texas Democratic Party will be doing a candidate training on Saturday, October 5th and Sunday, October 6th in Austin Texas. This training has a lot of great material and is geared towards first time candidates and current office holders of all levels.

The training will be located at the Texas AFL-CIO headquarters at 1106 Lavaca St #200 Austin, TX 78701.

The training will be from 8 AM until 5 PM on Saturday with a social event in the evening and will run from 9 AM until 5 PM on Sunday. There will be breakouts based upon type of office candidates are running for and experience level. There will be several outside trainers coming in for this training including staff from the DNC, Association of State Democratic Chairs, Pollsters, Mail Firms, Consultants and Staff from other organizations as well as our great staff at the Texas Democratic Party.

We ask that folks who are interested register at and we will forward final agenda and materials when ready.

Sample agenda items include:

  • Donkeys, Primaries, Conventions and Calendars: The Details You Need
  • Driving Hispanic Turnout through the Mail
  • Staffing Up: Hiring Managers, Staff and Consultants
  • Receiving and Spending Money: Compliance Do’s and Dont’s
  • Voter Registration, Voter ID and Mail Ballots
  • Working with the Press
  • Low Propensity Voter Engagement Through Field
  • Polling, Pollsters and Data
  • Constituency Organizing
  • Winning in the Field
  • Social Media: Twitter, Facebook and Websites
  • What Should a Candidate Actually Do?
  • What you Need to Know about VAN
  • Taking Fundraising to the Next Level
  • Strategic Communications: Proven Neuroscience Behind Persuading Voters
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