Do you know anyone you’d like to see in office?

Do you know anyone you’d like to see in office?

WOW Dems Members:

Our organization is looking for women candidates to run for office in the upcoming 2014 elections, for both partisan and local non-partisan offices. We are searching for women who share progressive values and have a strong reputation within their local communities.

On Wednesday, September 18, we are hosting an “Ask” Event for women to learn more about the offices up for election this cycle, and what is involved in actually running for office. The event will be held at Zanata Restaurant, 1022 E 15th St., Plano at 6:30pm.

Can you help us with our search?

Can you think about women in your personal networks (professional, social, volunteer/community, religious, etc.) who you think might be good elected officials?

If you can send us the names of 2-5 women from your networks, we can make contact and invite them to our Ask Event to learn more about being a candidate. Also, if you personally have ever considered running for office, please include your name as well. You can email the names to [email protected].

Although we are actively searching for women that share Democratic values, if you don’t know the party affiliation of women in your network, go ahead and send us their names and we can screen based on primary voting history prior to making invitations.

Thanks for your help as we work to get Democratic women on the ballot for 2014 and build a pipeline of potential candidates for the future.


Amy Lawrence
WOW Dems President

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