WOW Dems Mtg – Immigration Services

WOW Dems Mtg – Immigration Services

In spite of the wild, rainy weather, we had a good turn out for WOW Dems’ second quarterly meeting. Our program focused on immigration services with Kathy Walsh of Proyecto Inmigrante ICS, Inc.

Immigration Services
Ms. Walsh gave a moving portrayal of the immigrant community her organization serves as they help families across Texas and the bordering states on their path to citizenship. She specifically addressed the role women play, both as volunteers and staff in the organization as well as clients. In addition to the many services they provide, Proyecto Inmigrante hosts large citizenship workshops for hundreds of people around the North Texas region to facilitate the preparation of citizenship applications. In covering the burdensome costs of application fees, they are making citizenship a possibility for many struggling immigrant families.

To Volunteer
To provide these services, the organization relies on donations and volunteers. Please consider volunteering for this worthy organization. They have numerous volunteer opportunities, including a specific need for individuals with a legal background as well as individuals to help with data entry at their citizenship workshops (no Spanish language skills required).

For more information on volunteer opportunities you can visit their website at or contact them by phone at 1-888-793-2182 ext. 3201.

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