Create a “I Stand with Texas Women” photo

Create a “I Stand with Texas Women” photo

WOW Dems Members:

The Texas Senate is expected to take a vote on HB 2 this afternoon which, if enacted, will put in place extreme, politically motivated restrictions on access to abortion services that would violate Texas women’s constitutional right to determine their private medical decisions.

All of us from WOW Dems can be part of the virtual stand-in.

Organizations around the state, including the Blue Ribbon Lobby Day, are organizing a “stand in” both in Austin and at home. For those of us not in Austin, we can take part in an online virtual “stand in.” Very simple – all we need to do is hold a homemade sign that says “I Stand with Texas Women” and the name of our town or city and someone to take the picture while we hold the sign. The pictures can be submitted to the Stand With Texas Women coalition and put it online.

Photos can be emailed to:
[email protected]

Let’s be part of this movement across the state standing up for Texas women. Take and submit your picture (wear orange if you can) ASAP and don’t forget to share with others so we can build the momentum before this afternoon.

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