Demand public hearings on HB2 – message from Chairman Hinjosa

Demand public hearings on HB2 – message from Chairman Hinjosa

On July 2nd, 3,000 people showed up to register to testify on HB2, the GOP’s latest attack on women’s constitutional freedom.

Less than 100 were heard.

Sign our petition to demand hearings be held across Texas.

If this bill passes, someone living in El Paso would have to drive 550 miles each way to San Antonio for something as simple as cervical cancer screening at a clinic.

Shouldn’t people from El Paso to Beaumont have a chance to tell lawmakers how they feel about this bill?

It’s just not democratic for lawmakers in Austin to hear from so few Texans, or to legislate on a decision that should be made by a woman and her doctor.

Tell our elected officials — All of us deserve to speak.

GOP lawmakers are willing to do anything to pursue their ideological agenda — even cheat us out of our right to speak.

They’ve ignored the rules of the Senate, cut off public testimony from Texans twice, and even changed the timestamp on the Senate’s first vote of this bill to try to invalidate Senator Davis’ successful filibuster.

Governor Perry decided to call another special session and waste millions of our dollars on his extreme conservative agenda. Governor Perry and the rest of the GOP cannot spend your tax dollars and then refuse to listen to every Texan that wants to speak.

After all, the second special session was Perry’s idea.

We know we’ve asked for a lot lately, and sent a lot of emails to you. We’re so glad to have you in this fight. You keep holding our elected officials accountable, and you keep making history.

Now bring that history to your hometown. Demand local hearings.

Giliberto Hinjosa
Chairman, Texas Democratic Party

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