Texans don’t back down from a fight – message from Chairman Hinojosa

Texans don’t back down from a fight – message from Chairman Hinojosa

Texans don’t back down from a fight.

That’s why hundreds from across the state will return to the Capitol again tomorrow to fight back against Gov. Rick Perry’s War on Women.

On Sunday, the House will consider the bills that quietly passed the House State Affairs Committee Friday after a historic ten hour citizen filibuster Thursday night.

I’m writing to you today to ask you to join us. Public testimony is not allowed, so we will make our presence known in silent watching in the chamber, and by raising our voices at an outside rally.

When: 1pm, Sunday June 23rd
What: Rally Against anti-choice bills HB60, HB16, SB5
Who: Everyone who opposes Gov. Rick Perry’s politicization of Texan women’s health
Where: House Gallery, Texas House of Representatives, Austin – and outside the Capitol
I’m inspired to see so many Texans united against the Republican Party’s anti-choice and anti-woman agenda.

As we fight to protect women’s rights, we will lay the groundwork for successful statewide Democratic campaigns in 2014 and 2016.

Many have written to us over social media and email that they are with these brave Texans in spirit, but cannot attend Sunday’s rally.

You can still sign our thank you card to everyone that participated in the citizen filibuster Thursday night, and everyone who will continue to show up in Austin as protests continue this week.

Thinking of the Blue future of our state,

Gilberto Hinojosa

P.S. The rest of the nation has noticed what is happening in Texas. Rachel Maddow dedicated an entire segment to the citizen filibuster on Friday. Watch and share with your friends.

P.P.S. TDP staff have worked around the clock since Thursday morning to fight these bills and support to the citizen filibuster. Give today to help fund this work by the Texas Democratic Party.

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