Action Alert – call today!

Action Alert – call today!

On Tuesday Governor Perry added abortion restrictions to the special session call, giving bills that failed during the regular session a second chance under different rules. We need to take action IMMEDIATELY. The Senate Health and Human Services Committee will hear four bills at a hearing today, June 13th, at 3:45pm in the Senate Chamber. We need call our state senators TODAY to voice our opposition to these harmful, restrictive bills because everything is on a fast track, given the special session ends in two weeks.

The bills we oppose are SB 5, SB 13, SB 18 and SB 24. I’ve pasted Planned Parenthood’s description of these bills at the bottom of this email.

If you live in the Austin area, please come to the hearing this afternoon at 3:45pm. Signing in at the actual hearing is the most effective way you can demonstrate widespread opposition to these bills. The more of us who sign in against these bills, the better.

If you live outside the Austin area, please call your state senator RIGHT NOW. Your call matters–no matter who answers and what they say. Every state senator needs to know that there is opposition to these dangerous, restrictive bills in their districts. Calls to Republican senators show that we are united, we’re watching and we’re keeping score.

Here’s what you should say when you call:

Hello, my name is _____________ and I am a constituent of Sen. __________. I am calling today to let the senator know that I oppose SB 5, SB 13, SB 18 and SB 24. Having the constitutional right of legal abortion, I do not wish any changes, restrictions or amendments to those rights particularly in regard to access to professional medical help. I believe that these proposed restrictions would be harmful to Texas women who might then make harmful choices made during desperate times.

Here is the list of Senators and their Austin phone numbers:
Sen. Brian Birdwell (512) 463-0122
Sen. Donna Campbell (512) 463-0125
Sen. John Carona (512) 463-0116
Sen. Wendy Davis (512) 463-0110
Sen. Robert Deuell (512) 463-0102 (author of SB 24)
Sen. Robert Duncan (512) 463-0128
Sen. Rodney Ellis (512) 463-0113
Sen. Kevin Eltife (512) 463-0101
Sen. Craig Estes (512) 463-0130
Sen. Troy Fraser (512) 463-0124
Sen. Kelly Hancock (512) 463-0109
Sen. Glenn Hegar (512) 463-0118 (author of SB 5 and SB 13)
Sen. Juan “Chuy” Hinojosa (512) 463-0120
Sen. Joan Huffman (512) 463-0117
Sen. Eddie Lucio, Jr. (512) 463-0127
Sen. Jane Nelson (512) 463-0112 (chair of Senate Health and Human Services)
Sen. Robert Nichols (512) 463-0103
Sen. Dan Patrick (512) 463-0107 (author of SB 18)
Sen. Ken Paxton (512) 463-0108
Sen. José Rodriguez (512) 463-0129
Sen. Charles Schwertner (512) 463-0105
Sen. Kel Selinger (512) 463-0131
Sen. Larry Taylor (512) 463-0111
Sen. Carlos Uresti (512) 463-0119
Sen. Leticia Van de Putte (512) 463-0126
Sen. Kirk Watson (512) 463-0114
Sen. Royce West (512) 463-0123
Sen. John Whitmire (512) 463-0115
Sen. Tommy Williams (512) 463-0104
Sen. Judith Zaffirini (512) 463-0121

Not sure who represents you? You can find out here.

Feel free to follow up with an email, a letter to the editor or a rally, but make sure to start with a call today. Thank you for standing up for Texas women. Please share this email far and wide.


Lize Burr
on behalf of the
Blue Ribbon Lobby Day Organizing Committee

Here’s Planned Parenthood of Greater Texas’ write up of the bills that will be heard Thursday:

SB 5 – Author: Senator Hegar – This bill serves as an abortion restrict omnibus bill, and includes regulation of abortion procedures, providers, and facilities; providing penalties.

SB 13 – Author: Senator Hegar – This bill mandates a ban on abortion at 20 weeks and greatly interferes with women’s healthcare decisions before she and her doctor may have important health information about her own health and the health of the pregnancy.  Twenty week abortion bans are not only bad policy because they would prevent a woman from making her own personal, private decision about her health and medical care, but because they clearly violate women’s constitutional rights by banning abortion before viability.

SB 18 – Author: Senator Patrick – Becca Aaronson at The Texas Tribune wrote that this bill “would further increase the in-person requirements for physicians. In addition to the in-person sonogram 24 hours ahead of the abortion, doctors would have to personally administer both of the two medications used for drug-induced abortions, and see the patient again for a follow-up appointment within 14 days, a particular challenge for the roving doctors who treat women in the state’s rural counties.”

This bill serves to further restrict access to nonsurgical abortion (medical abortion) and unfairly targets rural and low-income women.  At Planned Parenthood, we support making healthcare more accessible and oppose the new regulatory burdens created by this bill and not required by the FDA.

SB 24 – Author: Senator Deuell – This bill would require medically unnecessary regulations of all health care centers that provide safe and legal abortions.  Excessive regulations are already in place in Texas, far exceeding what is necessary to uphold patient health and safety at health centers that provide safe, legal abortion.  The additional requirements of SB 24 are excessive and medically unnecessary requirements, and will be difficult for women’s health centers to meet.

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