Candidate 101 Training – Annie’s List

Candidate 101 Training – Annie’s List

Have you ever thought about running for office or working on a campaign?

Why don’t you find out what being a candidate is all about by attending Annie’s List Candidate 101 training on July 20th. Then, the next time a local school board or city council position comes up, you can raise your hand to serve, whether by campaigning for office yourself or helping one of your fellow women run.

Annie’s List Candidate 101 training offers women the building blocks of campaign communication, fundraising, planning, media relations, and grassroots activism needed to run a professional, competitive campaign.

This day-long workshop puts women in touch with Annie’s List political professionals and includes lunch and all training materials. The training is a full day and includes lunch and training materials. Scholarships are available to offset the $25 fee to attend the training. Contact [email protected] for more information or any questions.

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