Volunteer for a committee!

Volunteer for a committee!

We have a number of standing committees and we’re always looking for people to help out. Let us know if you want to join a committee.

Candidates: The Candidate Recruitment and Support Committee will 1) identify, recruit and develop Democratic women for political office and boards and commissions; 2) identify resources and funding available to candidates; 3) identify open positions and associated application/filing processes; and 4) create forums to educate, develop, and otherwise prepare women for leadership roles.

Communications: The Communications Committee will to actively communicate WOW Dems strategic messages to our various constituencies in a timely manner via multiple media outlets.

Fundraising: The Fundraising Committee will brainstorm ideas for fundraising events, coordinate with other committees to promote, plan and run these events.

Membership:  The Membership Committee will develop and implement a plan to reach the 2013 goal of 125 members by year end. This plan will be implemented through outreach to Democratic and Progressive women in the Dallas Metroplex (Denton, Dallas, and Collin Counties) and increasing the percentages of membership of the following underrepresented demographics: Hispanics, Asians, African-Americans, and youth.

Outreach:  The Outreach Committee will to identify and foster partnerships with organizations in the North Texas area that support the overall mission of WOW Democrats.

Programs/Events/Training: The Programs/Training Committee will identify programmatic needs for WOW Dems quarterly meetings, general trainings, and other events and will put together speaker/panel/presentation programs.

Volunteer:  The Volunteer Committee will help connect members to volunteer opportunities with WOW Dems. Specifically, they will organize those who wish to take an active role in particular events and activities into a data base to ensure that talents and experience of members are used effectively for WOW Dems.


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