Action Alert from Equality Texas: HB1568

Action Alert from Equality Texas: HB1568

State Representative Jodie Laubenberg is a joint author of House Bill 1568. HB 1568 creates a tax on local control by reducing state funding for school districts whose locally elected officials decide to offer benefits to the non-dependent household members of school employees, including employee’s same-gender partners.

Locally elected officials are in the best position to make local decisions about what benefits are needed to hire and retain the best educators. They don’t need big state government coming in and pulling the strings. HB 1568 puts extreme ideology ahead of the best interest of children.

Call Rep. Laubenberg today at 512-469-0186 and demand she remove her name from HB 1568. We don’t need a tax on local control.

You can read HB 1568 HERE.

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