League of Women Voters lobby days

League of Women Voters lobby days

The 83rd Texas Legislature is in session and that means many special interest groups will be in Austin for Lobby Days. I hope you will consider attending one or more of these events. The ones listed are only a few of the events scheduled.

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League of Women Voters – Mon- Tues. Feb 25-26, 2013

Lobby Days speakers include a great lineup–CPPP’s Anne Dunkelberg on health care, former Lt. Governors Bill Hobby and Bill Ratliff and former House Education Vice Chair Scott Hochberg on education, and Texas State’s Andrew Sansom on water.

There are numerous lobby days scheduled for different teacher groups (TEA, AFT, etc.). We encourage you to check them out since education is such an important issue in Texas.

If you have any interest in attending any of these Lobby Days, email [email protected] and we will connect those interested.

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